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Woodworking line automation. Solutions for Woodworking Machines, lines.


We specialize in log and wood sorting algorithm development, accounting system design, production process visualization:

  • Automation, 

  • Industrial Application Programming,

  • Accountability systems,

  • Production process visualization,

  • Woodworking line dismantle and installation,

  • Used woodworking machinery and line automation renewal, rebuilding.

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Automation for the log sorting line. 
Automation includes:
24 V voltage pulse transformer;
Siemens 1200 series with Ethernet support;
Siemens 1200 extension blocks;
Siemens counter block for 1200 series;
S7 basic display 7 "with Ethernet support;
15000 EUR
Automation of wood sorting line  
The price of plank sorting lines depends on the required functions.
Sorting by plank thickness, width, length with options to separate rejects (operator and automatically).
We can also offer used plank sorting line with...
25000 EUR
Automatic control of lumber drying chambers, dryers.  
Automatic control of lumber drying chambers, dryers.
Pellets boiler automation control system. Reduction of energy consumption.  
Control system of pellets burner.
The system manages pellets burner, to ensure efficient combustion with the lowest energy consumption. Into the system temperature sensors and air sensors are built into the system. Based...
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