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Manufacturing Process Optimization


To increase competitiveness and income of the industrial company, regular production process improvement or production process optimization is required. The main objective of manufacturing process is to reduce costs and increase production capacity and / or efficiency. The primary objective is to improve the problematic and slower phases of the production process, considering certain production specifics.

There are three basic parameters that can be adjusted to affect the optimal performance:

1) Equipment optimization

To examine how the existing equipment is used. Check whether each of the facilities being used with maximum efficiency, identify weak phases of the equipment and production lines.

2) Optimization of operational procedures.

Exploitation procedures, which are controlled by a person or controlled by automation, can vary considerably. Maximum automation of operational procedures will help to reduce costs for labour force, human factor possibility, and equipment maintenance in technical condition.

3) Optimization of the monitoring operational processes.

There are hundreds or even thousands of control loops in the Food, Chemical or Oil Recycling Plants. Each control loop is responsible for one or more parts of the production process. For example, maintaining regular temperature, flow, etc. If the control loop is not optimized or designed and adjusted properly, the process will consume more resources (heat, electricity, etc.). Equipment wears out faster, thus significantly increasing the overall production costs.


We offer production line maintenance, maintenance optimization. Remote problem diagnostics.


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