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Installation, dismantling, moving of the production lines, industrial equipment with automation.

We offer equipment and industrial line automation design, programming, automation and parts installation, dismantling, replacement and renewal.


Our experts act in the best interests of the customer, taking into account each customer's individual needs, priorities and possibilities.  We have extensive experience in woodworking, agricultural and other industrial process automation.


We have extensive experience in industrial process visualization. We offer different types of accounting and control solutions for large and small manufacturers. Our products offer remote (fast) problem diagnosis, and monitoring the ability of mobile equipment.


In projects realization we prefer proven Siemens solutions, as well as Vipa and Mitsubishi.


We are specialized in the following directions:

1) The industrial process optimization,
2) Industrial machinery diagnostics,
3)Industrial line automation,
4) Second-hand machinery and industrial lines’ automation dismantling and installation.

Phone: +371 26463814 Email: info@fiasindustrialautomation.eu