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Manufacturing is a complex process, which costs and yield of witch consist of various factors.


To ensure optimal manufacturing process, and the establishment, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  1. Manufacturing equipment;
  2. Premises;
  3. Human resources;
  4. Raw materials of manufactured products;
  5. Necessary resources to ensure manufacture process.


1. Manufacturing equipment.

Manufacturing equipment should be very simple, as well as should ensure both quality and capacity.

The main things to pay attention to when purchasing manufacturing equipment:

Appropriate power. All industrial facilities which are involved in the process should have revelant capacies, because the production process is as fast as its slowest part is. Therefore, one or two very high-powered facilities in general will not bring the expected return on the manufacturing process, if in one of the stages will be involved less powerful machine is involved.

Technical condition of equipment. Examine the equipment, paying attention if they are in a working condition. In order to avoid the manufacturing process shutdown, check for technically weakest link repairs, spare parts, as well as to examine possible replacement of equipment, so as not to stop the manufacturing process.

Required qualifications for machine operators. Due to human resources problem, attention should also be paid to the complexity of equipment operation. To exclude human factor, it is necassary to perform the equipment automation.


2. Premises.

In order to maximize exploiting of the premises effectively for the layout planning of production lines, it is important to consider the following: 

  • Dimensions of the equipment and raw materials;
  • Movement of raw materials of Manufactured Products;
  • Quantity of production waste, movement;
  • Equipment service and repair options.

3. Human resources.

Required qualifications and number of people to ensure the manufacturing process. To reduce human factor, qualified personnel is required. Besides, it is necessary to reduce the number of employees to maximize automation of production processes.  


4. Raw materials of manufactured products.

Make stock, based on raw materials and availability of premises.


5. Necessary resources to ensure manufacturing process.

Carry the periodic expense calculation of:

  • Electricity, fuel, etc. consumption;
  • The necessary technical support for manufacturing process;
  • Administrative costs.
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